Couponing 101: Save Money without Clipping Coupons

Posted: 05/21/11 9:00 AM (Modified: 05/21/11 9:00 AM)

As it turns out, there are actual human beings that do not use coupons. Seriously. Can you believe this? Yeah, I know, it truly is unreal. However, since they do exist, we might as well help them out a little.

FB Question: "I have a hard time cutting coupons. Is there a way to save just using my computer?"

Answer: First, if you want to save money buy buying groceries online you can certainly do so. I LOVE buying products and groceries on, you can save money easily there. Check out this post about Buying Groceries on Amazon.

Beyond that though, if you go into the store just pick up the sales ad and shop around that. That will ensure you are shopping around loss leaders and you will still get great deals!

If you have children old enough to cut, enlist them to help out clip coupons and teach them how in the process!

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