How Does Your Garden Grow?

Posted: 04/16/12 10:00 AM (Modified: 04/16/12 10:00 AM)


Alright, so this is the first time I have made a 'real' attempt at growing a garden. I've tried some plants here and there in the past but this time I went full throttle. In fact, I bought so many plants that I ended up having to put some lettuce in my front yard next to the flowers. So how's it going? Well, actually, it is going really well. We did have some rain this weekend but it did not flood the garden. And, the Oklahoma heat hasn't quite set in yet so everything is still alive...which is a big plus.

The season has just started and if you haven't jumped on the garden band wagon, check out the links below and get the garden party started!

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That picture above is of me around 2 years old picking strawberries at my grandmother's house. That was one of my most favorite things to do every Summer!

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