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10 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Posted: 04/24/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 04/24/13 3:00 PM)


Wedding season is in full swing! If you're planning a wedding, you know the costs can really add up. The good news is, you can still have an amazing and beautiful wedding without breaking the bank!

{10 Easy Way to Save Money on Your Wedding}

1. Plan in Season: Always plan around whatever flowers are in season, this simple tip could save you hundreds of dollars. If you like only a specific flower, you may just want to move your wedding day to the season that flower corresponds with in order to save money. Simple ask your florist when is the best time of the year for your favorite flower and add up the savings!

You could even skip the florist. For my best friend's wedding, we bought the flowers at Sam's. We called and ordered what was in season at that time and literally saved about $500 by doing so. We arranged simple bouquets for the girls in the wedding and the decorations as well. The bridal bouquet you can make yourself (check out Pinterest for ideas) or even if you do pay someone to do it, you can do the rest of the flowers yourself and save money in that area. Check out this article we posted and learn how to make the beautiful bouquet below!

2.. Decorate Your Cake: Order a plain wedding cake from a local grocery store. I ordered a friend's cake for less than $100 (it was still beautiful as a plain cake). It was three tiered and I picked it up at the grocery store myself. Then, we decorated with rose petals bought from Sam's. It was GORGEOUS! For my cake, we had a plain cake that was then covered in fruit that was in season. All sorts of berries covered my cake and all were bought at a local farmer's market. My friend would have paid $300 and we made it for about $100 and my cake would have been the same as well. These are two ideas that are so simple yet will save you mega cash.

Visit PickYourOwn.org and find farms near you where you can pick your own berries and sometimes get them free!

3. Get Your Prom On: It is prom season right now, this means you can score great deals on dresses for the bridesmaids and possibly the bride! Even better, wait until late May or early June and scope out the leftovers for 50% off deals. 

4. Student Styled: Want to save mega money on your hairstyle? Get a beauty school student to do your hair and the hair of your wedding party! Wait...don't be scared, hear me out...Call the school first and ask to speak to one of the instructors. Tell him/her that you are calling to find a great student who could do not only your wedding day hair but the hair of your wedding party too (if needed). Ask the instructor to recommend a student, make sure that student would be available on your big day too.

Then, go in for a test run. Be sure to bring pictures if you have any and try it out! Remember, the instructors supervise the students so it is not as scary as you might think. Plus, our local beauty college charges only $15! You can't beat that! And, remember to get your nails done while you are there!

5. The Location:  First, ask your church, many times you can get it at a discounted rate or free just for being a member. If that does not work out, call around and ask the rates of nearby churches. Many churches have built in decorating so you won't have to bring much into the space to make it beautiful. In Oklahoma, you can find beautiful barns and outdoor areas to have your wedding at also...yes, I just said barn. Ask around and see if someone would let you use their backyard of course, you also have to make sure you have an indoor backup just in case weather strikes.

Using a chapel is easy but you have to find out what is included. Many times you are paying for the place only then once you add in the flowers, tables, chairs, unity candles, etc, you might be paying more than it is actually worth. Check out local parks or out of the norm locations, you might find a hidden treasure!

6. The Date: Choose a not-so-intense time of the year to get married. Get out of the busy season, you'll pay the price for that! Also, pick any day other than Saturday. Saturday is the most costly day to get married. Switch it up to a Sunday afternoon or even a Friday night and you could save a bundle.

7. The Time: Having a wedding at 6pm means you'll be serving dinner so be sure to shoot for a time more mid-day to avoid having to pay for everyone's meals. A 3pm wedding means you can easily serve light appetizers and such or even just wedding cake and punch. Weddings during lunch or dinner will increase your prices dramatically so just be careful to avoid those times. Also with food, call around to local restaurants and even fast food locations to get pricing.

Also, you can make your own food for your wedding and save a ton! Make your own fruit trays, small sandwiches and punch and you'll be good to go!

8. Decorations: Balloons are the cheapest decorations on the face of the planet. Balloons & bubbles are two of my favorite things. Fill the reception area with balloons and everyone will see it, then you can use less expensive decorations around the room. Get creative with the centerpieces and use daisies or even carnations, you don't have to use flowers either, you could decorate with chocolate kisses or vases of jelly beans! If you want to be mega frugal, plant the flowers now and have your wedding while they are in bloom. Then, you can use the flowers you planted in your wedding decorations.

9. Invites: There are two simple ways to do this. The first is to make your own at home which is easily done if you own Photoshop or if you search your way through Pinterest. The second is to think outside the box. Order photo invitations, you can get a set of 20 photo cards on Walgreens.com for only $12.99! That means, you can use a super cute picture of you and your future spouse and customize your own invites. It's a little funky and out of the norm so your guests will remember it!

10. What about the honeymoon? Be sure too keep your eyes peeled on Groupon Getaways and Living Social Escapes. They post TONS of vacations and getaways priced at 50% off or more and they change weekly so you can wait for your favorite getaway to appear or buy one today!

If you think smart and get outside the box, your big day does not have to cost you a fortune. Keep in mind though, it won't be free so start saving money now and plan ahead for great deals!

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