3 Ways to Save Money on Your Memorial Day Cookout

Posted: 05/20/13 5:00 AM (Modified: 05/20/13 5:00 AM)

It's almost Memorial Day which means celebrating with family typically in the form of a cookout. The hardest part about holding a party is the cost...well, ok, the clean up is hard too. I thought today, we would share with you a few ways you can save money while still holding an amazing BBQ! 

{3 Easy Ways to Save Money on a Memorial Day Cookout}

1. Plan Your Menu: Don't let the 'usual' dictate your cookout! Plan your Labor Day menu around coupons, sales and your stockpile. This means, pull out those sales flyers and decide what meat to grill and what sides to offer based on what is on sale. The sale prices right now are rock bottom which means you could be saving up to 50% without ever clipping a coupon just by planning your menu around the circular.

To save even more, add coupons to those great sales. You will land double the savings and you'll still have a rockin' good time. Be sure to check out your stockpile too, you may find that you have stocked up on condiments, sides, etc that will work perfectly for your cookout.

2. Make Use of Produce: Plan your side dish items around fresh veggies from your garden or what is on sale. Toss together a fresh salad (skip the bag version), grill some veggies, etc and you'll have a filling side item without the high cost.

3. Go Potluck: Make it easy and ask everyone to bring a side item. Tell them to check out Pinterest and get creative. :) This also frees up some money for you to be able to decorate the cookout or buy some extra meat. I'm not a huge fan of cooking anyway so potluck is the only way I roll.

I hope you have a GREAT Memorial Day!

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