5 Ways to Save Money in a Small Town

Posted: 04/18/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 04/18/13 3:00 PM)


Most of the coupon workshops I teach are located in small towns and they only have one grocery store and usually a Dollar General.   In fact, the town I live in really consists of only two stores. For some, this makes couponing difficult however, I promise, there are still ways to save in small towns.

1. Use Coupons:  Even if your one grocery store does not take internet coupons, they probably take manufacturers coupons from the paper. You can still get your local newspaper and/or purchase coupons online then combine those with sales for the best prices. If your store does not accept internet coupons, find out if that is something they would consider doing in the future.

*Added Bonus* I’ve found local store owners are much easier to talk to when it comes to couponing. You may be able to persuade them to use internet coupons or even hold double coupon events.  Although, if your store does not double coupons, you can still save money!

2. Stockpile: As you learn how to find those rock bottom deals, begin to stockpile those items so you don’t have to make huge weekly grocery trips. Check out Stockpiling vs. Hoarding for the low down. This is key to saving money and when you see those manager's specials, pick up a couple of extras!

3. Plan Your Menu: Shop around what deals and sales are available to you and stick to the menu! Use your stockpile to help you plan your weekly menus and cut costs. The added benefit here is that we do provide weekly meals plus the coupons to go with them in on our Menu Planning page!

4.  Shop local farms: Many of these small towns are full of local farmers that sell produce at rock bottom prices. Stock up on these items and learn how to freeze and can fruits and veggies so you can enjoy the savings all year long. One of my favorite things to do is find a farmer on the side of the road selling fruit out of the back of his truck. Love that.

5. Shop Around: If you make a trip into the city, take your coupons with you! Stock up on essentials while you are there to keep you until your next trip. Also, be sure to check out all the coupons and deals of every store in your town. You will find some are way better than others.

Strategic shopping is really a mindset. Once you learn how to save money, you’ll start finding new ways to save all over the place. If you're new to this type of shopping, be sure to check out our Couponing 101 page full of articles to help you save 80% on your grocery bill and check our Printable Coupon page for great coupons too. Becoming a strategic shopper in a small town is not as difficult as you may think but it does take a little creativity. Learning how to coupon and getting a good stockpile going, will help you keep those last minute grocery trips to a minimum.

You’ll always have to buy certain items fresh like eggs or milk but everything else can be bought at the right time and at the right price then stockpiled for later.

Happy small town savings! 

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