5 Daily Deal Sites for Summer Clothes & Vacations

Posted: 05/23/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 05/23/13 3:00 PM)

It's time to plan that Summer vacation and update the wardrobe! For me, that also means it's time to check out the HOT deals. Below I have listed several deal sites I use on a regular basis and each will help you get ready for the season without breaking the bank.

1. RueLaLa: Hands down a favorite. This one offers designer clothing, shoes, household items and even vacations at a fraction of the retail cost. Granted, it's not nearly as cheap as Target but if you're looking for high dollar items without a high dollar price tag then this is your site. Plus, you can find some pretty snazzy travel deals too. 

2. LivingSocial Escapes: I'm a huge fan of LivingSocial.com especially when it comes to vacations. Currently, I'm planning on booking one just for myself. Yep, that's right. I'm checking this site daily for a special getaway just for me and my books. Sometimes you just need a break and the best thing about this site, the deals are usually 50% off or more!Living Social

3. Groupon Getaways: Perhaps the most popular of deal sites, Groupon offers not only daily deals but vacations as well. Similar to LivingSocial, in fact, so similar they're nearly the same but each one does offer different deals so they're worth checking out daily. You just might be able to take that family vacation after all with prices like these!

4. Totsy: If you're looking to update the kids wardrobes for the Summer then this is your deal site! Tons of deals every single day for kiddos and moms too. This one can become an addiction, super cute clothes and really great prices!

5. Zulily: Similar to Totsy yet offering different boutiques and of course, they change daily. Add it to your list of deal site roundups and you'll find some great deals for the kids. Recently, Zulily offered Toms shoes! That's a super HOT deal!

Those are just a few of my favorites, which sites do you love?

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