Single Parenting Saving Tip: Perfume and Cologne on the Cheap

Posted: 05/09/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 05/09/13 3:00 PM)

Let's face it, perfume (or cologne) is not cheap. As a single mom myself, I have found there are certain things that I just don't buy anymore simply because of cost and the reality of needs vs. wants. Of course that doesn't mean you can't buy nice things every once in awhile, but at the moment, perfume is not high on my list. One of my dear friends (also a single mom) e-mailed in this tip and I thought it would be perfect to share:

"When there are no good free perfume samples current, then go to Ebay and buy samples! I just bought four Coach Poppy Flower Perfume samples for 5 bucks, including shipping! They will last me for at least a few months."

What a GREAT tip! 

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May 9, 2013 05:09 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

You can also ask for free samples at stores, such as Sephora, where you might shop otherwise. I buy my skin care at Sephora and always ask for a fragrance sample. They make up a little vile right there on the spot.

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