The High Cost of Snack Foods

Posted: 05/07/13 5:00 AM (Modified: 05/07/13 8:43 AM)

Let's face it, convenience sells. I feel like most days I'm running around like crazy and grabbing prepackaged foods to throw in my kids lunch boxes is much easier than individual bags and packaging. However, the cost of convenience might be more than you think. 

Let's look at this example, buying a 30 oz carton of Goldfish on Amazon will run you .25 per ounce. You can easily divide that up into portion sized bags to make them snack friendly. If you want the convenience though, you'll have to pay .44 per ounce for the prepackaged Goldfish on Amazon.

It's easy to invest in a few containers, buy on sale in larger quantities and then divide the snacks yourself. You'll save time and money in the end. Of course, be sure to do the math, every once in awhile we do find great deals on those convenient snack packs!

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