5 Ways to Save the Most Money on Tax Free Weekend

Posted: 08/03/11 1:00 PM (Modified: 08/03/11 1:00 PM)

For Oklahoma, Tax Free Weekend begins August 5th. If you do not live in Oklahoma, check out our list of Tax Free Weekend's. This weekend also marks the grand opening of The Outlet Shoppes at Oklahoma City. Tax Free Weekend is like the 'Black Friday' of back to school shopping and I know many of you are already anticipating the crowds and the savings. Here's a little extra help with that:

{5 Ways to Save the Most Money on Tax Free Weekend}

1. Strategize: Thing ahead and make a plan. I'm not a planner but for Tax Free Weekend, you have to make a plan to succeed. Just like we do with our matchups, plan your shopping around sales flyers and coupons. Bring family along so you can get your items quickly, remember, you will have long lines to deal with and hot sale items may sell out.

2. Find the Sales & Coupons: Call the stores you are going to (or thinking about going to) and ask about their Tax Free Weekend sales. Check their websites too! For coupons, you can do a few things...First, visit your store on Facebook. Many stores are posting coupons on their own facebook pages right now. Second, simply google. Google terms like 'GAP printable coupon' or 'American Eagle printable coupon.' Now, please realize there may not be a coupon available for your particular store but if there is, a simply google search could bring it up for you.

The best thing to do is sign up for store newsletters. Visit your favorite store directly and sign up for available newsletters to get your coupons. Ideally, this needed to be done a few weeks ago but some may send out coupons right away.

3. Don't Overdo It:  Don't attempt to take over the city, there's going to be a ton of people shopping that day so don't stress about not making it to every store. Start with the stores you 'need' to go to first then, if there's time or if you have any energy left, you can hit the others.

4. Know the Exclusions: This is IMPORTANT! Not everything is covered under the tax-free break. Check with your local tax commission (just google it) to find out the details for your area. You can find the Oklahoma rules and exclusions here. (Accessories and school supplies will not be tax free.)

5. Stock Up: IF you are matching up coupons and sales plus the tax free deal then these will likely be rock bottom prices for you and it would be worth stocking up the kids for the rest of the year. This is especially true if you are buying school uniforms which will be hard to find later in the year. If you're shopping name brand no-sale and no-coupon items, you'll likely find better deals later or online using coupon codes.

Is Tax Free Weekend the best time to shop? Well, it depends, if you are shopping sales and/or buying a lot of items then yes, you'll likely save a bundle. However, if you are only buying a few things or can't find your items on sale, then check out sites like RetailMeNot.com for online coupon codes.

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Aug 3, 2011 03:46 pm
 Posted by  jmcouponer

If at all possible shop consignment! Most stores already offer great discounts on new & gently worn clothing & accessories plus special coupons & discounts through out the year & tax free weekend. My favorite consignment shop is Hartly New Resale in Jenks! They have a great email list, always updating on facebook for special sales & coupons! Plus they carry lots of new items & restocking consignments all the time. Something new every time I go in there! Plus right now lots of items are 50 CENTS!!!!

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