Mom on the Move: Jillian Nielsen

Posted: 08/23/11 10:30 AM (Modified: 08/23/11 10:30 AM)

Meet Mom on the Move Jillian Nielsen. Jillian is a busy mom who knows that the Just Between Friends Sale is the best place to shop when she doesn't have a lot of time and wants to save money.

I have a wonderful 5-year-old daughter named Quinn. It has been wonderful to watch the amazing growth of her personality into whom she is meant to be in this world. I love every minute of being a mom! The toughest part of motherhood, for me, has been not losing my sense of self while pouring so much into my child. I think most moms can relate to that. You just want to give them so much.

I love to shop the Just Between Friends Sale (JBF) because I can get everything for Quinn for the year (or at least until the next sale) in one place. Just this weekend, I got a complete twin sheet and comforter set, and 6 outfits (including Quinn’s Christmas dress) for under $90 – it was incredible!

Quite honestly, I don’t have the time to shop. With JBF, I don’t have to run around to a gazillion different stores to find toys, clothes, shoes or educational materials – it’s all there AND super inexpensive!!!!

I am definitely a busy mom "on the move"! I am a Voice Over Artist – which means that I voice commercials, e-learning courses, phone voicemail – and really anything that needs a voice! My company is Voice By Jillian. I have recently begun some on-camera work too – you can see me on the Dr. LaButti commercial and some Saturdays broadcasting live from Keystone Chevrolet! In addition to my Voice Over work, I also work for Renee Profitt at InHouse Advertising a couple of hours per week in the billing department, teach yoga and help manage our family-owned apartment complex in Inola. Whew!

I spent eleven years in media sales and during that time I would be asked to voice commercials if they needed a female voice. When I had Quinn, I decided to stay home with her, but still needed something that I could do from home. I read about a Such A Voice – Intro to Voice Over Class about how to “make it” in the voice over industry, took the class, and now here I am! This fall I will even be teaching the Such A Voice- Intro To Voice Over Classes all over Oklahoma. If any moms out there are interested in this type of work, visit to find out about the classes!

Luckily for me, Quinn seems to find my work really fun! I often bring her into my studio so that we can record the books we read together. She is quite a singer, so mostly she likes to record her singing into the microphone and have me play it back to her. She is also on the Dr. Labutti commercial! I’m not sure that she knows that I actually get paid to do this (sometimes I can’t believe it either!).

The way that I try to balance work and family is that I work the whole time I am at work, so that I can be totally present when it comes to my family. That is more easily said than done – especially working from home. But it's totally worth it to me.

Something that I hope to teach Quinn is that if you do something you love, you can make a living doing it! I spent a lot of years doing something that I didn’t love out of fear. You can make a living and love what you do – those two things aren’t mutually exclusive!

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