$100 Worth of Stuff SOLD on Facebook Group Page

Posted: 08/16/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 08/16/13 1:55 PM)

Hi MSQ'ers! Recently I cleaned out some unwanted things and posted them on local Facebook group pages. It was so easy to do. I got hooked. In a week I sold $100 worth of stuff and I'm not done yet. I always donate my unwanted things, but I felt I had some good quality things I could sale and make some quick cash and I was right. I did this in just one week! 

To make sales go smoothly, be sure to know the rules and be clear when you speak to your buyers. Be clear of the time and place you will meet. Also, meet when you will be out already and most convient for you so you save gas! Find selling Facebook group pages in your local area by searching your city name, the words "for sale" and "group". Once you find a group, you will see suggested groups in your area on the rignt side of the page under "Suggestions'.

Clean out your closet and garage. You will be sure to find someone else's treasure! Get to it! 

Thanks for sharing Jessica! 


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