Frugal Gift Wrapping Ideas

Posted: 12/22/10 5:40 PM (Modified: 12/22/10 5:40 PM)

If you are like me, you still have a lot of wrapping to do before Christmas.  I asked the question on facebook "What are your frugal wrapping ideas?" and got a huge response.  Here are some of my favorite ideas:

  • Newspaper Cartoons (Khris)
  • Shop at Dollar Tree for wrapping, bags, and tissue paper (Amanda)
  • I like brown craft is so cheap and it looks so old is my favorite way to wrap!! (Kristie)
  • I collect all the gift bags every year at our family christmases and reuse them every year. (Oklahoma Lovinggrandma)
  • I buy all the "generic" x-mas paper I can after x-mas, plain green with sparkles, blue, red striped etc and use it all year round for gifts and it doesn't look like christmas paper :) (Lisa )
  • Sometimes I use Tissue paper and ribbon. And wrap it into a gift that looks like a huge piece of candy. With tissue tied on ends, then crunched a little bit. Like a peppermint. Tissue is WAY cheaper then gift wrap. (Tracee)
  • After holiday you can find 75%- 90% off like at Dollar store- I spent $10 last year and have enough cards and wrapping paper and gift boxes and bags for the next 3-4 years (Kim)
  • Here is what we have done in the past. We have used bubble wrap & a pretty handtied bow, aluminum foil(for small gifts) & bow, old t-shirts & butcher paper.. Hope this helps someone! (Sherri)
  • Use old book pages to create a layered text effect. Wrap gifts in tissue paper first to have something to tape the pages to. Finish off with colored ribbon to contrast the monochromatic look of the pages. (Kellie)
  • I work in construction and this year we have had a lot of gifts wrapped up in blueprints! It's a little specific, but there are so many people in the construction, architecture, engineering business, it might be easy to pick up some interesting plans somewhere to use for a unique wrap! (Jennifer)

There are several other suggestions on our facebook page.  Check out the rest of the ideas and post one of your own!

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