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Frugal Christmas Gifts Day 21: Handmade Scarves

Posted: 12/21/11 10:19 AM (Modified: 12/21/11 10:19 AM)

I managed to miss a day of posting the frugal Christmas gifts somewhere along the way so I thought I would throw out another one today. This is Day 21 of our Frugal Christmas Gifts Contest sponsored by GoldBuyersExpress.com.

{Make Your Own Knotted Scarves} Submitted by Shana

Running short on time and money but need at least one more Christmas gift? Or have you been quilted into a Christmas present that you weren't planning on giving? Well, here is your rescuer. This is a super easy, frugal, AND TRENDY gift that just about any female on your list will want. The hardest part? Deciding on which cool yarn you'll use! And the yarn is the only thing you have to buy.

Skein of yarn (depending on what size you make, you will get SEVERAL scarves out of one skein)

Time: Maximum of 30 minutes

1. If you have chosen a bulk weight yarn, cut 12 equal length strands. I don't use a measuring tape, but typically do a full arm span and a half. Decide on how long you want and add at least half that distance. If you aren't using bulk weight, add strands. I have used up to 20 strands, but could easily use more.

2. Once you have your cut. Tie one end together in one big knot. Don't tie it tight because you will untie it when you are finished with the project.

3. Find a place to drape your yarn. I use an over the door hook. I have also used my car mirror while doing this in the car riders line at my sons school.;)

4. Section off yarn in 4 equal parts of three strands. I tie a loose slip knot about halfway down each section for this. It makes the yarn easier to work with as you go.

5. Now beginning with middle two sections, tie a knot. What kind? It doesn't matter as long as you are consistent.

6. About three inches from the first knot take your left 2 strands and tie a knot. Now your right two.

7. Take the center two strands and continue step 5 and 6 until you are at the end.

8. Untie knot at the top. At this point you will usually have enough to make 2 additional knots at the top end.

9. Trim ends to your taste. Some want a straight edge, some want odd lengths.

10. If you used a yarn that will fray, you can dip in hot wax to prevent the ends from fraying.

11.  Think of all the ways you can add to this:  Instead of just 4 sets of 3, I'm going for about 6 sets.  It will make it wider and a little more bulky.  Also, looking to add jewels between knots.  But for now, keeping it simple:)

If you like this post, comment below! The post with the most comments will win a diamond valued at nearly $1100 from Gold Buyers Express! Be sure to check out all of our frugal Christmas Gifts!

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Dec 21, 2011 06:40 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Cool. Looks so easy.

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