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10 Things You Should Not Buy at the Grocery Store

Posted: 01/02/13 6:00 AM (Modified: 01/02/13 2:35 PM)

Sometimes we get stuck in our routine of shopping at the same store. The problem with that is you are likely not getting the best deal. In fact, there are many items you should not buy at a grocery store at all. 

10 Items You Should Not Buy at a Grocery Store

1. Toothpaste: Skip the grocery store and hit the drugstore instead. Tons of coupons, sales, ECBs, RRs, etc to make it free or nearly free.

2. Cosmetics: Again, hit the drugstore. Most drugstores have B1G1 Free or 50% off deals all the time making it a much better deal. 

3. Spices: You're thinking, "What?!!? You're kidding me, right" Nope. If you have a Whole Food or other health store near you, shop there instead. You can buy only the amount you actually need so you don't end up with $10 worth of spices that will go bad before you use them. You'll save money and you'll save cabinet space.

4. Pre-Cut Meat: Skip it. Cut it up yourself, buy the whole chicken and cook it all then freeze some for later. Make that chicken last longer and cost much less.

5. Pre-Cut Veggies & Fruits: You probably already know that this is expensive. Most of us buy these for parties just to save on time but really, you're throwing money out with the fruit tray. Check out this cute way to present your veggies at your next party and serve them up yourself.

6. Batteries: Big box stores like Sam's or Costco actually have better deals on batteries but my absolute favorite is Staples. They often offer batters FREE after Staples Rewards!

7. Light Bulbs: Save money and get them at the hardware store particularly Ace or if you have an Atwoods near you, they have the lowest prices.

8. Toothbrushes: This probably should have been listed under the toothpaste above but anyway, toothbrushes cost a fortune at the grocery store. Get them on sale and with a coupon at drugstores then stock up so you have them all year long. 

9. Pre-Made Food: If you pick up meals already made by the deli, you're really wasting some money. In saying that though, it is probably healthier than going through a drive thru so you'll have to weigh the pros and cons on that one. But, if you're trying to save money, back away from the chicken and the potato salad and make your own.

10. Party Supplies: Hit your local dollar store! You don't need plates that are themed, buy them all in one color then accent your party with themed items like fancy balloons or a centerpiece. No one will ever notice and you'll save a TON.


What items do you think are too costly at the grocery store? 


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Jan 2, 2013 08:31 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I agree with everything but lightbulbs, or at least where to buy them. I have found Ace to be even more expensive than the grocery stores for lightbulbs. Also, any over-the-counter meds always seem to be cheaper at a drug store.

Jan 2, 2013 11:22 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Contact solution and feminine hygiene products are cheaper at Target/Walmart.

Jan 2, 2013 08:28 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

NO thanks. I will buy my Stuff at Walmart or Target

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