Family Fun & Events at Kirk of the Hills Church

Posted: 01/14/13 5:48 PM (Modified: 01/14/13 5:48 PM)

Kirk of the Hills Church knows how important our kids are. Their children's program is full of learning, fun and activities to keep your children engaged. Jon Adams, Children's Minister at Kirk of the Hills, shares more about this amazing program and how your family can get involved:

My name is Jon Adams. On Sundays, the kids know me as BIG JON and on Wednesday's they call me JJ KoolAid. After working in missions and humanitarian work, I had the opportunity to lead the Kirk of the Hills Vacation Bible School. The kids and I had a blast and it was an experience I'll never forget. I now work full time with Kirk of the Hills Church as their Children's Minister. I am so grateful for this opportunity to teach and build relationships with these amazing kids, encouraging them and inspiring them to know Jesus and live Christ-centered lives.  

Our Kirk children's program is structured to serve families and children from birth through grade 6.  We have Sunday morning children's programming from 9:30 a.m to 10:30 a.m. and on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:45 p.m. On Sunday's we start elementary age kids in their grade level small group and then at 9:45, we bring all the children into our Large Group room for a high energy worship time together.  Following worship time, we present the Bible story and a monthly virtue in an upbeat skit teaching format, so kids can grasp and learn life principles through God's word.

Our Wednesday night program is called "Bible Blast, The Big Story" and is open to children who are in preschool through 5th grade.  Bible Blast provides kids a chronological overview of the Bible  in a high energy, fun format.  During this program, children learn important Bible skills and Bible usage.  During Bible Blast, I dress in costume as "JJ Koolaid", a laid back, 80's style hipster who loves the Lord and wants to hang out with the kids.  JJ is passionate about the "Big Story" of the Bible and encourages kids to know the Bible through funny skits and lively Bible skills teachings.  JJ loves to interact with the kids and tell personal stories to help relate Biblical values to kids' daily lives. The kids love JJ and learn so much through this format. It's not just "church" in the traditional sense. The kids are engaged and involved and learning so much during this fun evening each week.

Kirk of the Hills is a family oriented, Bible-centered church.  Our goals for families are two-fold.  On Sundays and Wednesdays, we want to provide solid, Bible centered teaching for our children in a contemporary, up beat format.  We provide kids an understanding of the overall narrative of the Bible while we focus on building a strong, Christ-centered foundation of values like Respect, Compassion, Cooperation, Self control, Love, Obedience, Grace, Discipline, etc. We want our children to grow in a relationship with God and center their life around Him so they grasp and understand why we stay in God's word and the importance of prayer and worship. Secondly, we want to equip parents to disciple and mentor their children, and to model a Christ-centered lifestyle and servant hearts.  We believe this combination of church and family is critical to raising children to know and love the Lord.  Our Kirk kids program is also mission minded as we want our children to learn to reach out to our community and gain a biblical, compassionate worldview.   We want kids to gain a heart for service and caring for others.

And on Wednesday nights before children and adult programs begin, we offer a full dinner with options for a hot plate, salad bar or combination of both. The price is structured so families can eat for $15.

Kirk of the Hills Church wants to invite your family to come and be a part of their growing church community. They're located at 4102 E. 61st Street in Tulsa. For more information about the church and their upcoming events, visit

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