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Frugal Recipes: 5 Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

Posted: 12/24/12 10:00 AM (Modified: 12/24/12 10:00 AM)

Santa's gifts are open, batteries are out and boxes are everywhere and then, it's breakfast time. Check out these easy, frugal recipes we have gathered just for you and start planning that Christmas morning breakfast!

This Banana Waffle recipe comes from Lynn's Kitche Adventures. Make something yummy with those couple of ripe bananas you have in the basket.


It just takes a few ingredients to make this cheesy Breakfast Bake by Betty Crocker.


Looking for something sweet? Sink your teeth into Baked Christmas Donuts by Mommy Hates Cooking. It's a gluten free recipe, but switch it out for regular flour if that's not what you are looking for.