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How to Start Couponing in 2013

Posted: 01/09/13 6:00 AM (Modified: 01/09/13 8:40 AM)

Ready for a New Year & new you? Time to ROCK 2013 with savings and deals like you've never seen before. Why not start by knocking 80% off your grocery bill every month? Yep, we're talking hundreds of dollars in savings that can go towards reducing debt, planning for college or even a Summer vacation. 

Here are some great links to help you on your road to success:


The Beginner's Guide to Coupon Usage
Find Coupons for Products You Actually Use
Purchase Coupons Online
Use Our Coupon Database
Learn WHEN to Use Your Coupons
Learn Store Coupon Policies
Stockpiling Vs. Hoarding
Make a Coupon Binder
How to Use Double Coupons
Learn How to Price Match
Cut Your Grocery Bill with Coupon Matchups (What is a Matchup?)
Using BOGO Coupons (Buy One, Get One Free)
Selling Your Stockpile
Top 5 Ways to Get Your Groceries FREE
Buying Groceries on Amazon.com & Saving Money
 Send Expired Coupons to the Military
Print Coupons on Facebook without Sharing Personal Information

Enjoy those deals! Want more info? Check out the video below:TulsaCW.com: TV To Talk About | The Tulsa CW


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