Top 5 Ways to Get Groceries for FREE

Posted: 02/17/11 6:52 AM (Modified: 02/17/11 6:52 AM)

Have you ever wondered if you could get completely free groceries? Well, the truth is, you can! Check out my Top 5 Ways to Get Groceries FREE:

1. Call & Ask: Call your favorite companies and tell them how much you love them. Don't be afraid to ask for coupons. Also, if there is a product you're dying to try, give the company a call. The worst thing that could happen is they say no but most likely, you'll get yourself a coupon and it could be for a completely FREE product.

2. Combine a Sale with a Coupon: Using the strategic shopping methods I teach in my book, workshops and our Couponing 101 series is a sure fire way to walk out with free stuff. The key is combining the lowest price possible with a great coupon.

3. Double Coupons: If you have a store near you that doubles, you can easily pick up a few groceries for free. In Oklahoma, Country Mart, Food Pyramid and Homeland double coupons. Harps also doubles coupons in the Tulsa area one week per month. Don't worry if you don't have double coupons, check out the other methods instead.

4. Watch Facebook: Companies have been dishing out deals like crazy on Facebook including coupons for free products. Just this past week, Taco Bell was giving away FREE Tacos. If you don't want to be glued to Facebook, stay glued to us and we'll keep you informed.

5. Use Rebates: Rebates can seriously land you some cash especially if you purchase the product with a coupon. How do you find rebates? Obviously, you can keep a close eye on but you can also just google simple terms like 'grocery rebates.'

If you watched the news segment today, those were just examples and a few of those coupons were picked up at an event I attended. Each company is different-it never hurts to ask! Free is always a good deal!

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