10 Fun Indoor Activites for Restless Kids

Posted: 02/13/12 1:01 PM (Modified: 02/13/12 3:42 PM)


If the kids are getting restless there are many fun things to do inside the house.  Of course playing board games, making puzzles and watching movies from inside your play fort first comes to mind, but here are 10 more ideas making use of things lying around the house to entertain those trapped kiddos. 

{10 Indoor Kid-Friendly Activities}

1.  Make a geodesic dome out of old newspapers.  It’s big enough to play inside or just a fun spot in which to lay out a blanket and pillow and watch TV

2.  Make a Cartesian diver with a ketchup packet and a two-liter bottle.

3.  Do some crafts. Yep, that's right, get your craft on!

4.  Make a feely box.  Grab crazy things from around the house and let the kids guess what they are without peeking into the box.

5.  Host an indoor picnic:  Pull out  those summer clothes, swim trunks and beach balls and create a picnic on the living room floor. 

6.  Let the kids do some baking.  These are great recipes that are easy  enough for children to help with and won’t take so long that they lose interest. 

7.  Go on a treasure hunt.  First, the parent or older sibling goes around the house finding  good hiding places and writing  simple clues (perhaps in rhyme form) about each spot.  (i.e. “You can wash your hands under my bowl” or “Boy, it’s cold in here”).  Hide a simple treasure ( a little treat or cheap toys you have saved for such an occasion) at the last clue’s location.  The first clue is given to the seeker, then each subsequent clue is hidden in the location described.  You can make the treasure hunt more difficult by adding clues written in code.  Click here for 12 different kinds of codes for kids. 

8.  Make coffee can stilts.  Check out this idea from  momscape.com:  Turn 2 coffee cans upside down so that the plastic lids are on the bottom. Poke a hole on each both sides of each can using a screwdriver (parental supervision is recommended). Use rope, bailing twine, or several strands of yarn braided together for strength and thread through one hole. Thread the other end of the rope through the hole on the other side and tie off inside the can. Be sure that the rope is long enough so that when your child stands on the cans, the rope is high enough for them to hold in their hands comfortably without hunching over.

9.  Finger paint with pudding.  No worries about the little ones putting this paint into their mouths!

10.  Set up a family Minute to Win It challenge.  These are some fun games that are on a kids’ level. 

Enjoy your day(s) at home with your family!

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