Travel Savings: 5 Ways to Save on Airfare

Posted: 05/30/14 10:00 AM (Modified: 05/30/14 10:43 AM)

It's almost Summer and that means travel. I'll admit, airfare is one of the most annoying things to pay for because even with a deal, it is still pricey. In saying that, you can shave some of the cost with these tips below:

5 Ways to Save on Airfare

1)  Be flexible: A Friday evening departure may be your first choice, but leaving mid-week could save you a bundle. At the same time, check out other dates throughout the month and if you're flexible, a different week could cut your ticket price in half. Also, purchasing your tickets on a Tuesday afternoon seems to be the best time to buy! (Source: Smart Travel).

2)  Different Airport: A friend of mine drove two and a half hours and it saved her family $600. Simply search on your favorite airline websites for other departure cities nearby and compare prices. You never know what kind of deal you could get.

3)  Third Party Alerts: Some sites (like let you choose your specific itinerary with travel dates and flight numbers and will also alert you if the airlines owes a refund if the price drops below what you paid.  Here are some of my favorite third-party travel sites:

4)  Sign Up: Sign up for newsletters for all of your favorite airlines. Many times, you will be the first to know about rate drops and deals.

5)  Social Media: Follow the airlines' tweets and you'll learn about Twitter-only deals. I've also seen people list various brands in a tweet and then the competitors will go to bat for their business.

If you traveling in the United States, a good rule of thumb is to book 49 days in advance. For international travel, book 81 days in advance. 

Travel smart and save your money. 

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