5 Ways to Save on a Super Bowl Party

Posted: 01/28/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 01/28/13 3:00 PM)

Alright, so you've decided to have a few friends over to watch the big game but now there's a problem...you have to get the food, the drinks, plates, napkins and somehow it's all supposed to look good too. No worries. Now is the time to save on every single item you are purchasing!

{5 Ways to Save Money on Your Super Bowl Party}

1. Shop Around the Sales: Grab your weekly sales flyer and you'll notice tons of sales on party food. Everything from hamburger meat (great for sliders) to potato chips. Plan your entire party off the sales flyer of your weekly grocery store and you'll save up to 50% without ever clipping a single coupon!

2. Combine Sales with Coupons: Probably the best money saving tip on the planet, simple yet life altering. Grab the sales flyers in step #1 then head to the Coupon Database and print the coupons. When you add coupons to the sales, you're getting double the savings. Get creative and plan your party around those items.

3. Go Potluck: This is a group effort here, ask that everyone bring a snack or dessert to help budget out a bit. Normally, everyone feels better participating in some form or another. I do this for every party we have at our house and I typically steer the guests into bringing the items we actually need so I don't end up with 20 bags of chips.

4. Use the Slow Cooker: Likely, your guests will be grazing for several hours. Using the slow cooker can allow you to cook a very frugal dish like chili and keep it going through the game. Ask your friends to bring a dish in a slow cooker too and you'll have an assortment to choose from!

5. Decorate in Solid Colors: Do not buy branded plates, napkins, utensils, etc. Simply decorating with solid team color balloons, streamers and using solid color serving ware will save you a bundle. No one cares if the team logo is on your plates, just buy the right colors and you're good to go.

Or...skip the party all together and put in a Jane Austen movie. Yep, that's my plan. Don't judge me. :)

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Jan 31, 2012 11:32 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

HAHA! Yes a Jane Austen movie sounds way better with nacho cheese please! High fives Queen!

Jan 31, 2012 01:25 pm
 Posted by  Carey Lee

I work at target but I dont have anyway to print coupons. can we print them out at the library? I could save so much money if I could print them. I have three kids and a dog and im married so we spend lots of money.

Feb 1, 2012 11:52 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Most libraries will not let you print them but you could call and ask first. I've found they do not like to download the software needed to print. The best way is to purchase a printer. :(

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