2 Ways to Score Free Glasses

Posted: 04/24/13 5:00 AM (Modified: 04/24/13 5:00 AM)

Need a new pair of glasses? We've got you covered! Today, we're talking about free glasses and guess what? It's legit. Here are two great websites that currently offer free glasses for first time customers, all you need is your prescription. 

CostalContacts.com: This site started offering free glasses a couple of years ago and it has been a HUGE hit. In fact, I ordered my own glasses from them as well. All you have to do is visit CoastalContacts.com, you'll notice the free offer is good on a select type of frames (but they're all cute), enter your prescription info and you'll pay for shipping & any upgrades. That's it. You're done! 

My last pair of glasses cost me over $400, but I was able to get a new pair for less than $30 after the shipping and upgrades so I would say that's a pretty good deal. 

Firmoo.com: This is a new site also offering free glasses to first time customers. You can visit Firmoo.com and click on the banner at the bottom of their page. Plug in your info and pick your frames! Seriously, it's an AMAZING deal! 

Yes, I realize the shipping and upgrades will make these glasses not entirely free but they're still an amazing deal. I've been very happy with my glasses and am really excited about these promotions! 

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