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DIY: How to Create an Instant Washi Tape Dispenser

Posted: 02/09/13 1:00 PM (Modified: 02/19/13 4:00 PM)

Hi Money Saving Queen Friends!  It's Thuy from My Paper Pinwheel with a fun and frugal idea!

Now, you probably know about the Washi Tape craze and if you don't, you will today!  Washi Tape is a decorative tape that is used in many craft projects, scrapbooking and packaging.  Most washi tape comes on a roll without a dispenser.   The dispensers can be quite costly; therefore I came up with the idea of repurposing an empty Scotch tape dispenser.

What you need:
Scotch tape dispenser
Washi Tape


Remove the outside tape packaging, pop in the Washi Tape and Voila!  An instant Washi Tape dispenser that cost you next to nothing!  Easy right?

Now go and Washi Tape everything in sight! 



Thank you, Thuy!


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Feb 10, 2013 09:09 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I did the same thing with invisible tape refills! It sure beats storing them in the original box & then trying to start the tape again, right?

I was one that hadn't head of it. Now, I won't look so stupid when I do see it. *hee*

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