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DIY: How to Spray Paint & Stain Pottery

Posted: 01/22/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 01/22/13 4:17 PM)

Jessica shares with us how she gave a platter a makeover:

I've had a platter that I love but it was time for a makeover.  I was thinking it needed to be lighter in color to brighten up the cubby space in my china cabinet.  I spray painted it then glazed it.  It was so easy to do and so fun.  I've become a big fan of spray paint . Spray paint can really give almost anything a new look without putting a dent in your wallet.  I love that!

What you will need:

  • Spray paint (color of your choice)
  • American gel stain in walnut
  • Sponge brush
  • Dry cloth

First, wipe clean the item you will spray paint and let it dry.  I like to spray paint outside that way I'm not worried about getting the paint on anything.  I followed the directions on the spray paint can to do the platter.

Once that was dry I brought it inside and applied the gel stain.  I found the gel stain by American at Hobby Lobby and used my 40% off coupon.

I did not cover the entire surface because I wanted part of the base color to show through so it had some dimension. I also brushed some gel stain on the sides of the platter. Once I was done, I just took a dry cloth and rubbed off the stain. It's that easy! This was my first spray paint project and I was so surprised how easy it was to do.  I'm ready to do more!

This is the platter before it was made over. It's now lighter in color and really brightens up the cubby space in my china cabinet!