DIY: Wooden Love Headboard

Posted: 01/02/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 01/02/13 10:51 AM)

Recently, I decided it was time to take my house to the next level, the funktified level, that is. Every single room in my house has been completely redone, no worries, I'll post it all soon! A few weeks ago, I posted about my laundry room makeover but that was only the beginning. 

Next on the list was the bedroom, instead of posting the entire room here first, I thought I would start with the headboard. I found the concept on Pinterest...duh. Then, I called my mom.

Yes, that's my mom. Yes, she's in her pj's. She's gonna love me for this one. My mom actually made this headboard for a bed in her house, literally it is simply boards nailed onto two posts (one on each side). I asked her if I could take it, write love on it and call it mine. She was ok with that.

You can find the instructions for the DIY Love Headboard here. 

After you make the headboard, simply write "love" with chalk then use paint. It's seriously that simple. You can then bolt it to the bed or screw it straight into the wall if needed.

See how cool that is? The bedding came from although, I did see it on too. I love it. In fact, I am sitting in that bed right now as I write this. Awkward. 


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