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JBF Tulsa Spring Sale: March 3-9

Posted: 03/07/13 11:23 AM (Modified: 03/07/13 11:56 AM)


If you have never shopped at a Just Between Friends sale, get ready to fall in love with a new way of shopping for kids items.  The JBF sales are packed with new and gently used children's items--clothes, toys, baby items, maternity, furniture . . . the list goes on.

My favorite part about the sale is the standards by which the sale is run. They try very hard to be sure clothing and shoes are new, looks new or are gently used with no holes or stains. Volunteers inspect every piece of clothing and all shoes before the items are allowed to be put into the sale. 

The sale is open to the public beginning Sunday, March 3rd through Saturday, March 9th.  But, find out below how you can shop early . . .

You can consign:

Be sure to sign up now to consign your maternity or children's items.  Consignors shop before the sale opens.  The tagging system is great.  Each piece of merchandise gets a bar code.  It is easy and efficient.  Sign up and start tagging now!  If you choose not to take home your unsold items, you do not have to return Sunday to pick them up, they will donate the items and mail a tax deduction form along with your consignor check in about two weeks.

You can volunteer:

Volunteers not only earn a higher percent commission, they also shop earlier than consignors.  Get volunteer information here.  My favorite way to get in on the sale is to consign, plus volunteer for 12 hours.  I like to sign up for the 12-hour shift because I get to shop at 9:00 Saturday at the pre-sale.  Tips:  Volunteer during drop-off to get a sneak peek at items that are being sold.  Volunteer on Monday after more new items are added Sunday night.  Volunteer Thursday when items go on sale.  Volunteers all help with break down at the end of the sale.  Keep your eyes peeled for more bargains.  JBF will still let workers buy unsold items from the floor at breakdown.

You can shop:

If you have never been to the JBF sale and are a first time mom (FTM), you should sign up to shop the FTM sale. It is Saturday evening at 7:00 (before the sale opens to the public on Sunday). This sale is for expecting mothers or mothers with children under 6 months. There are a limited number of spots to attend this FTM sale and you have to sign up before February 24th. You may bring a guest to help you shop.


The opening day of the sale, March 3rd, admission is $10 for prime time shopping.  Print and use this coupon to get free admission.  Admission for the remainder of the sale dates is free.

Shop on Monday morning when they open at 9:00 because consignors (like me who found more goodies to sell over the weekend) brought new merchandise Sunday night.

 A couple more things for new shoppers to keep in mind:

  • If you have a presale pass, be sure to take a laundry basket or other rolling cart to use as a shopping cart. They will not allow you in with a stroller or wagon.
  • This is not exactly a garage sale. You will not find clothing for .10¢ or .50¢. These are quality items that have been checked for defects.
  • Items not marked with a star go on sale on Thursday for 25% off and Saturday, March 5th, for 50% off. If you find something earlier in the week that you don't have to have but want (and it does not have a star on it) you might want to gamble on it's being around on one of the sale dates to save a little money.

Enjoy the sale!

The Tulsa JBF website: www.tulsa.jbfsale.com

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