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Lemony-Fresh Homemade Cleaners

Posted: 02/20/13 6:00 AM (Modified: 02/20/13 3:52 PM)


 Lemons are awesome!  I had no idea how awesome until I started making my own homemade cleaners. 

 If you don't cook with the lemon zest after you juice your lemon, just toss the rinds in the garbage disposal.  This makes the whole kitchen smell lemony fresh.

Here are a few more uses I've found for my bag of frozen lemons--yep, you can freeze them whole when you find a good deal.

Microwave Cleaner

Lemon essential oil



Soak a sponge in water. Add a few drops of lemon essential oil and zap the mess in your microwave for up to two minutes. Once the sponge is cooled, wipe down the microwave.

Toilet bowl cleaner

Lemon juice

Instructions: Make a thin paste using both ingredients When cleaning, flush toilet to wet the sides of the toilet bowl. Rub cleaner to toilet bowl ring and let sit for 2 hours. After time is up, scrub toilet with scrub brush and flush toilet bowl to rinse cleaner away.

Soap Scum Cleaner

Instructions:  Put straight lemon juice into a spray bottle and spray onto the shower door. This will also cut through grease stains in the kitchen too. Let it sit for 1 minute before rinsing.

Bathtub or Tile Stain Remover


Cream of Tartar
Lemon Juice

Instructions: Simply sprinkle Cream of Tartar onto the stain then use a dishcloth, soaked in lemon juice, to rub the stain. Basically, you'll be making a paste which will help you rub the stain right off. Cream of Tartar is actually a mild acid so it works well with cleaning too. Be sure to rinse with water when you are done. BAM! You'll have a clean bathtub!

Mar 19, 2014 05:40 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

can you use bottled lemon juice for the soap scum remover?

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