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Frugal Kids: 77 Ways to Entertain Your Kids on Long Car Rides

Posted: 06/24/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 06/24/13 3:00 PM)

As a kid, I remember driving all over the place for family vacations and we did not have iPads, iPods or DVD players. However, the thought of taking my two boys across the country without electronics makes my stomach turn.

I asked our readers on facebook what ideas they had for frugal fun car activities and I got 77 responses everything from getting a Nintendo DS to stocking up on Benadryl! (LOL!) Seriously though, here's a few of the tips our readers posted:

Pictionary Man Jr

Nintendo DS


Tag Reading System

Scrapbook (Let your kids gather suveniers for their scrapbook)

Make a Happy Bag (New toys from the Dollar Store)

Portable CD Player

New iPad Games (or iPhone)

New Books from the Library

Bingo Games

Crayola Color Wonder (LOVE this stuff!)

Books on CD from the Library

Check out all 77 tips and tricks from parents who have been there and done that on our Facebook page!

Be sure to tell us what your favorite things! 

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Mar 20, 2013 11:17 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

NaDell's Road Trip TIP:
The thing that worked the best was a great incentive that I sort of came up with that they each (except Abby since she doesn't know the difference yet) earn a quarter for every 15 minutes they are good on the trip. Then they can spend it or save it however they want. They chose to spend it on pop for lunch or treats at the store or they can always save it for trinkets when we site see a little.
I saw on Pinterest that someone gave each kid a certain amount of dollar bills for the trip and then took one away for each offense. I figured smaller rewards for good behavior are MUCH better than recognizing bad behavior. It worked VERY WELL and time flew past. I'd barely get into my book and it'd be almost time to hand out the quarters again. The kids each had a little pouch to put their coins in. Our kids were 1-9 at the time.
When they spent their money, we put the quarters back in the pile to hand out again and my husband used his debit card so we didn't have to get all that $$ out in quarters from the bank. Worked for us!

Jun 28, 2013 06:33 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

NaDell: GENIUS. Pure genius. Best tip I've read in a long time.

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