Mom on the Move: Lilli Oligschlaeger

Posted: 07/25/11 2:05 AM (Modified: 07/28/11 2:32 PM)

Meet Lilli Oligschlaeger, this week's Mom on the Move. Lilli's love for taking pictures of her daughter and a desire for fulfillment outside of the home led her to start up her photography business, Lilli O Photography.

Lilli's parents love to travel and always bring back wonderful photos from their trips. Those photographs from around the world are what first inspired her to take an interest in photography. With the purchase a DSLR, Lilli began to learn about her camera and snap photos of anything and everything.

When she had her daughter, Mackenzie, a few years later, her own personal model was born. But after a few months of maternity leave, Lilli started to miss working outside of the home. While she loved being with Mackenzie every day, she yearned for self-fulfillment and wanted to help support the family financially in some way.

That's when the idea of starting her own photography business took root.

"I started taking photos of family and friends and from there it just blossomed into something bigger," said Lilli. "I also love creating websites and doing the “fun” business stuff, so I was really excited to “brand” myself. Honestly though, I love being around people and am amazed by photography, so I figured, why not?"

Lilli O Photography was born. She focuses on capturing the simple moments that a family can cherish forever.

"I know how important it is to have memories to look back on," said Lilli. "Especially after having a child myself, I’ve realized you can never get those moments back. I want people to have the opportunity to capture a particular memory and cherish it forever."

Lilli is now enjoying spending her days with her daughter, looking forward to their new addition in September (a boy!) and "escaping" for a photo session from time to time.

"My mother always said 'Being a mom means having to wear many different hats'," said Lilli. "That is so true. I’ve had to learn to balance a lot more than I use to. But when it comes to my photography business, I’ve always told my husband that I will only take on as much as I can handle, without getting “too stressed.” My kids and husband will always be my first priority, even if it means only taking on a few sessions a week."

For the most part, Lilli is able to plan her sessions around their family's schedule so that it doesn’t cut into much family time. But she also knows that being away from her daughter is a good thing for Mackenzie's independence and social skills. "Mackenzie is still too young to understand that photography is partly a job, but I think she enjoys it because we get a little break from each other and she gets to spend some time with daddy," said Lilli. " When the kids are older, I think they’ll love it. I really think they’ll enjoy seeing me so happy with what I do."

"I’m so fortunate to have the opportunity to be a stay at home mom," said Lilli. "Because of this, I’ve been able to watch my daughter grow, learn, and change everyday. I love watching her hit so many milestones, big or little. But, I think the most rewarding thing about being a mom is the feeling you get when you just look at your kid and think, wow we created this little person and get to show them what life’s all about? It's amazing."

You can find out more about Lilli O Photography at or on her blog,

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