30 Days of EXTREME Reality Couponing: 5 Ways to Find Manufacturer Coupons (Part 2)

Posted: 07/05/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 07/05/13 10:00 AM)

Welcome to 30 Days of Extreme Reality Couponing! Be sure to follow along with our tips on our Couponing 101 page. And, please spread the word and tell your friends about this series so they can also save 50-80% on their grocery bills! 

Yesterday, I told you 5 ways you could locate coupons for the products you actually purchase. Today, I wanted to share with you 5 more creative ways to locate coupons. It's important that you find coupons for the prouducts you use so you don't end up changing your entire menu every week. It's not hard at all to find the right coupons, you just have to know where to look!


1. Buy Coupons Online: Yep, it's legal. The reason why this is such a great option is because you can pick up those coupons that are not in your newspaper. Since coupons are regional, you're more likely to find the coupons for the products you want by using a coupon clipping service. I do this all the time for my son's specialty foods (allergy free & organic), I hardly ever find those coupons in our newspaper but I can get them from these services. I use Coupons and Things by Dede most often, but you can also check out TheCouponClippers.com as well.

2. Peelies, Blinkies and Tearpads: Peelies are the sticker-like coupons stuck on the products themselves. Blinkies are coupons from Smartsource machines (red boxes) usually found in cereal aisles. Tearpads are usually found on product shelves or displays. Companies are trying to get you to see that their product is cheaper by offering you one last savings method right there in the store. Tearpads and Blinkies can be taken right there in the store and used on a later trip for a better deal. Peelies, however, are literally for the product you are purchasing. So please resist the temptation to peel the stickers off the products that you are not buying.

3. Catalina Coupons: These are the cash register tape coupons that print out after you've bought a product. They're usually red and come out with your receipt. Many are thrown away, however, be aware these coupons have been much better lately than ever before. And, most are manufacturer coupons that can be used anywhere. They are triggered by the purchase you make at the store and can be a great way to save.

4. Store Coupons: Walgreens, CVS and Target have store coupons which can be combined with manufacturer coupons. You can find these in their ads, at the store website or in the store itself. For Walgreens, they offer a coupon book the second you walk into the store right by the sales ads. CVS offers coupons via e-mail and also with your CVS card (you can scan it under the coupon machine in the store). Target offers coupons on SuperTarget.com and they'll mail them to you too every once in awhile. These are some of my favorite coupons!

5. Recycle Bins: Well, if you saw Extreme Couponing on TLC you likely saw this. I wouldn't recommend jumping in the dumpster in fact, I'm pretty sure most places will stop you from doing that. And for those of you sticking your children in the bins, totally not cool. Remember, what you see on TV is in fact, for TV.

In our area, our recycle bins have doors on the side that you can open, stick your hand in and get the coupons. However, it is recommend that you ask permission before doing so. I know many of our readers volunteer at recycling centers in order to get early dibs on the coupons too.

Let us know where you find the best coupons!

Want the latest coupons? Be sure to check out Coupons.com for new coupons & big savings! 

Jul 9, 2013 04:29 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

don't forget houseofcouponz.com for buying coupons online. If you don't know about them, they print IPCs and mail them to your house, up to 12 per coupon.

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