30 Days of EXTREME Reality Couponing: Becoming an Extreme Giver

Posted: 07/25/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 07/25/13 10:00 AM)

Welcome to 30 Days of Extreme Reality Couponing! Be sure to follow along with our tips on our Couponing 101 page. And, please spread the word and tell your friends about this series so they can also save 50-80% on their grocery bills!

What I have been posting about during this series has given you the knowledge to cut your grocery bill drastically and teach you how to stock up. However, the greatest thing of all is gaining the ability to give back to those around you. That doesn't mean you have to find a large charity (although that's just fine) but you can also just walk outside your front door.

Chances are one of your neighbors is in need too. Right now, there are over 12.3 million Americans unemployed, that means there are quite a few people in need of your help. Isn't it great when you hear of a need and you have the ability to fulfill it? Just recently, I found out a family member was in need so I went straight to my stockpile.

It was easy and most of the items were free after coupons. Those items add up and when every penny counts sometimes just the cost of toothpaste can be too much. The next time you see a great deal, think about who you could bless with those items.

Yeah, we need to be 'extreme couponers' but not so we can hide toilet paper in our shower, but so we can give toilet paper to those who really need it or diapers to families that actually have kids. In my opinion, if you're going to be 'extreme' anything, be an extreme giver.

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