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30 Days of EXTREME Reality Couponing: How to Organize Your Coupons

Posted: 07/10/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 07/30/14 3:32 PM)

Welcome to 30 Days of Extreme Reality Couponing! Be sure to follow along with our tips on our Couponing 101 page. And, please spread the word and tell your friends about this series so they can also save 50-80% on their grocery bills! 


Do your coupons expire before you ever remember to use them? That's likely because of organization. Keep in mind, I'm a throw-it-in-a-box person but with coupons, organization is the key to savings. The most popular way of organizing coupons is by using the coupon binder.

1. Use a 3-ring binder: You can start with a 1" then work your way up if need be. You can also use the old school Trapper Keeper's too.

2. Baseball Card Holders: Baseball card dividers can be picked up at most hobby stores, Walmart, Target and Kmart. They are typically located right with baseball and football cards. This is what you're seeing in the picture on top. Honestly, this is the best way to organize your coupons in a way you can actually see them. Just fold them and tuck them in. You can stack them pretty deep too.

3. Section Dividers: You'll need to divide each section to make it easier to find. If you only shop at one store, you can set up the dividers to be each individual aisle at that store. However in my case, I have them divided up by the following sections (in any order you'd like):

Baby Items
Baking Products
Breakfast Foods/ Cereals
Canned Goods
Condiments/ Dressings
Cleaning Products
Cooking Items
Drug Items
Frozen Foods
Paper Goods
Pasta/ Rice
Pet Items
Sauces/ Seasonings

You can add a calculator, scissors or anything else you'd prefer as well. Really, great organization is very personal, it's all about what works for you. I've found this to be the most popular method and certainly the easiest one for me.
If you choose the use the binder method, it is important to keep up with it. If you let it slide a few weeks, it could take quite a bit of time to get it updated again. 

Want the latest coupons? Be sure to check out Coupons.com for new coupons & big savings! 

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