30 Days of EXTREME Reality Couponing: Save Money with Mobile Coupons

Posted: 07/09/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 07/09/13 10:00 AM)

Welcome to 30 Days of Extreme Reality Couponing! Be sure to follow along with our tips on our Couponing 101 page. And, please spread the word and tell your friends about this series so they can also save 50-80% on their grocery bills!

Mobile coupons are all the rage as in, text coupons sent directly to your phone to be used at the register. This is personally one of my favorites. Many of your favorite stores like NY&CO, Target, Payless, etc. offer up mobile coupons. What is great about the mobile coupons is that you can simply show your phone and the discount is taken off right there at the register. 

Personally, these are some of my favorites because no scissors are required. It's easy and more and more stores are offering up mobile coupons even more so than in-app coupons. 

What are some of your favorite mobile coupons?

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Jul 10, 2013 05:52 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

It would be so wonderful if SS,RP,and PG would do mobile coupons where I wouldn't have to buy the paper,yes I know im a cheapscape.BUT JUST SAYING IT WOULD BE NICE.

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