Kids LOVE SoccerCity OKC Lil' Kickers

Posted: 07/11/13 9:30 AM (Modified: 07/11/13 9:30 AM)


We are hearing great things from families about SoccerCity's Lil' Kickers Child Development Program!  

Here is a recent example.  Miranda Scoles posted the following on SoccerCity's Facebook page:

"Hello!  I was told by a friend that you guys are amazing.  I want my 5-year-old son to try out soccer and thought your little kickers program may be the best place to start.  How much is it for the summer time and when does that start?"

Well, as Miranda found out, the summer Lil' Kickers started June 10th and runs through September 12th.  It's not too late to join a class (as long as that particular group is not full).  SoccerCity will prorate your registration fee.

Miranda signed up her little guy, Logan, for Lil' Kickers and he looks like he's having a great time!

Find out more about Lil' Kickers at SoccerCity OKC by e-mailing Yolanda at or calling 405-748-3888.  Register for Lil' Kickers online.



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