5 Ways to Save on School Supplies

Posted: 07/29/13 8:00 AM (Modified: 07/29/13 8:00 AM)

See that picture above? That's me holding up a sales reciept from Staples last August. What would have cost $80 only cost $8 after sales, coupons and rebates. After posting that picture on Facebook, I had a ton of questions. Really, it's not that hard to save on school supplies. In fact, it is so easy, that I stock up for the entire year not only for my kids but our business as well.

5 Ways to Save on School Supplies

1. Think Outside the Box: Be sure to keep a close eye on stores like Staples, Office Depot and Office Max for killer school supply deals. This is the time of year for rock bottom prices! These stores offer rewards programs (think CVS & Walgreens) too which make the deals even better. Start researching store policies now and get ready to deal.

 2. Use Rewards: Just like I stated above, many stores offer various rewards programs. You'll see many items 'free after RR's or ECB's' (Walgreens Register Rewards & CVS Easy Care Bucks) but again, you'll also see deals for items that are free after Staples Rewards too. Also, you can take your empty ink cartridges to Staples and earn $2 in Staples Rewards for each one. Yet another great way to save! The majority of my deals last year were purchased at Staples including backpacks that were free after Staples Rewards

3. Coupons: Yes, there are coupons for school supplies! For store coupons, be sure to keep an eye out on Target.com or in the CVS circular or Walgreens coupon booklet at the front of the store. Manufacturers will also be putting coupons out on their websites and on facebook as well so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated!

4. Stock Up: August and September are the best times of the year to load up on school and office supplies. This means, you need to stock up now for the rest of the year. If your kids are like mine, most of their supplies had to be replaced about midway through the school year so be sure to buy extras or you'll be paying full price later on down the road.

5. Remember the Office: Now is also the time to stock up on office supplies, you know, all those pens your employees keep taking home with them. Yep, it's time to restock the supply! Even if you only have a home office, restock your pens and paper now too and you'll save a bundle.

This is my favorite time of year for deals (next to Christmas) this is because you'll find tons of kids clothing deals, lunch and snack food deals as well as those hot school supply deals. I always to do a massive restock this time of year so get ready, we'll be posting these hotties!

Did I just use the word 'hotties?' Yes. Yes, I did.

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