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Danger Overhead: Steer Clear of Power Lines!

Posted: 06/18/13 9:30 AM (Modified: 06/21/13 4:58 PM)

For most of us, summer is a season of outdoor chores – home improvements to tree trimming, yard work to keeping the pool clean.

Whenever you work outdoors, remember: overhead power lines are NOT insulated. That includes the line that runs from the power pole to your home. And touching a power line – with any part of your body or anything you’re in contact with – can cause very serious injuries. It can even kill you. 

Public Service Company of Oklahoma has these tips to help keep our families away from dangers:

Look up and stay safe!

Whenever you work outdoors – and whenever you carry equipment like ladders or pool skimmers across your property – look up and stay safe: steer clear of power lines!

Make sure kids in your home know about overhead hazards, too.


  Kite safety:

  • Never fly a kite near power lines.
  • Choose a wide-open field to fly your kite.
  • Never use wire, tinsel or any metal in kite construction or as string. They can conduct electricity. So can metallic coatings on Mylar kites and balloons. They can also damage the electrical system and cause power losses.
  • If your kite gets caught in a power line or any other power company equipment, LEAVE IT THERE. Don’t try to pull it free or get it back. Parents in Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s service area: call 1-888-216-3523 so that properly trained personnel can safely remove the kite.
  • Don’t fly kites on rainy days or when lightning is likely.

Never climb power poles. Never climb or play on any power company equipment.

Never climb trees that are near power lines.

 Take a tip from Louie the Lightning Bug, Public Service Company of Oklahoma’s official safety “spokesbug:” Always play it safe around electricity!

 For more electrical safety tips, visit PSOklahoma.com.

This post is sponsored by PSOklahoma.com.


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