Free Monthly Spending Printable Worksheet

Posted: 08/21/11 11:00 AM (Modified: 08/21/11 11:00 AM)


I saw this printable monthly spending worksheet on TipJunkie and thought I'd share it with you. While there are tons of these, this one has the cute factor.

Confession coming....I can't seem to budget to save my life. Yep, I know, you're thinking 'but you're the Money Saving Queen.' Yes, I am and I can save money like no tomorrow but I have a hard time keeping some kind of strict budget. As in, allotting money to specific places each month or week for that matter.

I've always been quick to take money from one envelope and move it to the other without even thinking about it. My main goal for this year is to stick to a budget. Because of that goal, I've been looking for different easy-to-manage systems. We're huge Dave Ramsey fans around here but believe it or not, I keep thwarting the plan.

What system do you use?



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Mar 5, 2011 07:12 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I wasn't able to get the printable version of this page to come up. Anyone else have this problem or the solution?

Mar 5, 2011 01:23 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I clicked on the 'printable page' once, then again on next page, then clicked on download this freebie - and it came up no problem for me.

Aug 26, 2011 06:55 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

I am a huge fan of Dave Ramsey myself. I think the biggest part of this if you are not a natural "nerd" that you need to attend the 13 week class of Financial Peace University. This keeps you surrounded by other people that are going through the same things like you, and have to be kept accountable. It's very hard to sometimes pass up on a good deal...but if my envelope does not have the cash, then I simply can't buy it. Realistically the deal will roll around again in a month or so. Dave Ramsey has several free materials out there, the radio show, books at the library, his website etc. Debt free and loving it, thanks to Dave Ramsey and the Queen with her awesome tips and deals. Thank you!!

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