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Frugal Living: Make Your Own Terrarium

Posted: 03/26/12 3:00 PM (Modified: 03/26/12 3:00 PM)


It is planting time! One of the things my kids enjoy is watching little seeds sprout into something beautiful. This year, we made terrariums out of empty pop bottles and my kids get to watch them grow each day. How fun it will be to plant the seeds in the ground soon!

These terrariums are so easy to make and inexpensive. Even if you're not a pop drinker, you might have family members who throw out 2 liters, just ask if they can give them to you instead.


2-liter Pop Bottles

Potting Soil


Spray Bottle

Directions: This could not be more easier to create. Simply cut the 2-liter bottle towards the bottom. Add dirt into the bottom half of the bottle and plant your seeds.

Place the bottle back together (you might have to tape it to secure it). Then, spray water inside the top with your spray bottle and close it with the lid. If it dries out, just open the lid and spray with water. Be sure to put them in a sunny spot to get your seeds sprouting.

Even my youngest thought it was fun...

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