Teaching Children the Meaning of Easter

Posted: 04/06/12 12:00 PM (Modified: 04/06/12 12:00 PM)


Over the last couple of weeks, I have posted several frugal Easter ideas for treats and even dyeing eggs. In our house, we do hunt eggs and have fun with the holiday as well but more importantly, we talk continually about the meaning of Easter. I stumbled upon an article by Focus on the Family which talks about how you can use dyed eggs and other traditional Easter items to actually tell the story of the resurrection and I thought it might be helpful for some of you too.

The money saving aspect here is that you can use items you already have or are already buying for Easter rather than going out and buying another book, toy or whatever to help you explain it. The preschool teacher in me says to keep it simple. My youngest is three so obviously, he doesn't understand the more complicated aspects of the story so we focus simply on the fact that Jesus is alive. For my oldest, he understands the story and we read it over and over again all week long.

Enjoy your Easter with your family!

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