10 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

Posted: 03/18/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 03/18/13 3:00 PM)

This week is Spring Break for us and that means it is time to get creative and have fun without breaking the bank! I thought it would be good to share 10 creative ideas for enjoying the week with your kiddos that won't cost you a dime.

10 Ways to Enjoy Spring Break on a Budget

1. Enjoy the Library: We usually hit the library hard during the Summer but because of school, we don't visit much during the school year. Check with your local library for story times and other events that might be happening while on Spring Break. 

2. Start the Garden: Get outside and start digging! Get read for square foot or container gardening and be sure to get the kids involved. It takes some work to get ready to plant and now is the time if you're off work and the kiddos are home, grab a shovel and head outside!

3. Create: Have fun with out of the box art supplies like shaving cream or homemade playdough. For next to no cost, you can have unique creations and new artwork to display in your home. 

4. Have a Scavenger Hunt: This is so easy to put together and you can do it anywhere, at your home or even a park! Get the kiddos together and create a great scavenger hunt, be sure to invite some friends too. The more involved and creative you are, the more fun you will have!

5. Take a Hike: Visit your local nature center or even a new wooded park in your city and grab a picnic lunch too. Simply visiting a different park outside the norm can be an entirely new adventure for your children especially if you can hike your way through it. I only recently discovered a park near my home with its own nature center and hiking grounds, we love it and it is an adventure for all of us!

6. Write a Book: This is a recent passion for our family, once my son realized I had written books, he decided he needed to write a few too. He loves the "I Survived" child book series and began to write his own "I Survived" books including "I Survived Food Allergies." He dictated the book, I typed it up and he illustrated it. Get as creative as you want and let your children write from the heart. It is amazing what you'll find out. My son said his second book was going to be "I Survived Divorce." My heart broke as he said that but at the same time, listening to how he has processed these circumstances and letting him express how he feels only helps him heal and actually, I think it helps us all heal.

7. Go Star Gazing: Bed times are a little relaxed during Spring Break so take advantage of the extra time and step outdoors. Look at the stars and make a wish, get out of the city and take a drive so you can see clearly. This is something I plan on doing during Spring Break too!

9. Have a Movie Day: If the weather is yucky, grab some pillows and popcorn and have some movie fun. You can watch old favorites if you already have them or rent a movie for FREE from Redbox with the code DVDONME. 

10. Build a Fort...Outside: I'm sure you've built indoor forts before but have you built one outside? Grab some blankets and rearrange that yard furniture for a fort of awesomeness! The best part is that you can get dirty, get out the trucks and the digging toys and have some fun with it. Ok, can you tell I have boys? 

The bottom line, use some creativity and have fun this week! You don't have to spend money to have a great time with your family. 

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