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3 Ways to Organize Your Home & Save Cash

Posted: 08/16/13 3:00 PM (Modified: 08/16/13 3:00 PM)

Today, Garret from Extra Space Storage is sharing with us his 3 tips for home organization and saving cash! I like the sound of that!

Ditch Clutter, Save Cash: Home Organizing Tips

The warmer months of the year typically make us want to open up the windows, freshen our homes and perhaps organize a bit, in the process known as "spring cleaning." However, it's also possible – and worthwhile – to keep an organized home all year long. In fact, doing so can provide you with the delightful reward of saving, or even making, extra money for your family.

Have a yard sale

The first step to getting a whole house organized is scaling back the amount of stuff you're working with. Gather up the kids and the spouse and let everyone know that a massive junk overhaul is getting ready to take place. It's important to inform (warn?) everyone before the process begins, since throwing things away can be tough. Be sure to let them know the rewards will be great!

  • Rid Your Home of Old News 
    If your family enjoys reading magazines, newspapers and books, a good place to start is with reading material that is ready to be discarded. Living rooms, offices and kitchens often become hoarding spaces for these items, long after they are no longer needed. Check on your city's or county's recycling policies first; many items can be recycled.
  • Empty Closets, Drawers, Attics 
    Remember that hideous sweater your aunt gave you – the one you stashed into a hall closet after the holidays? Someone is going to want it. Get it out and add it the pile of clothing, gifts, games and other "for sale" items. Don't forget to check places such as the garage and the attic, where long-forgotten items might be lurking.
  • Have the Yard Sale 
    After you've collected items that you, the spouse and the kids are no longer using, pick a sunny Saturday and have a yard sale. Put up signs around the neighborhood to direct potential customers to your house. Save the money you make during the sale for something the entire family can enjoy.

Keep the Kitchen Stocked, Not Spoiled

Most families spend a great deal of money on groceries. Organizing your kitchen to make it more efficient can save money and is something that can be done all year long.

  • Keep the fridge cleaned out 
    Don't let old food fester in the back of the fridge; make it prominent on the front shelf so your spouse and children will know to eat it. (Or, if they won't choose to eat it on their own, let them know that leftovers are for dinner that night.)
  • Have a "snack soiree" every so often 
    Does your cupboard look like a place where stale crackers and tortilla chips come to die? Tell the kids to invite a few friends over one afternoon, put out some dips and cheeses and let everyone munch on what's available. Your cabinets will stay updated with crispier items, and you won't feel wasteful when you throw away outdated stuff.
  • Plan meals and make family grocery lists 
    OK, so you knew already that it's a bad idea to visit the grocery store feeling ravenous. Bringing a very specific list also can shorten grocery trips, trim costs and keep your kitchen from overflowing with junk food. Once a week, have a family gathering where you discuss meals and snacks for the week ahead. Remember to think about extracurricular activities, parties or occasions that might call for something beyond the usual list.

Get Creative; Stay Creative

Challenge yourself and your family members to come up with creative ways to keep items in your home organized for the long run.

  • Make the most of containers 
    If your daughter has a lot of hair bows and they're taking over the bathroom countertop, encourage her to corral them into an innovative container or even make her own by decorating a shoebox.
  • Have cleaning parties 
    Make cleaning day more fun for everyone by putting on music and turning it into a party. Make a homemade lunch using items already in the fridge, and tell the kids that whomever gets a room clean the fastest can put an extra item on the week's shopping list.
  • Don't let things pile up 
    Every couple of weeks, ask everyone around the house what they want to get rid of. It could be a toy that died after being wound up once, an old notebook from a class that's been completed or just about anything that you don't need taking up space in your home.

Keeping your home free from clutter isn't as difficult as it sounds. With a little bit of innovation and some teamwork from your family members, your home can be transformed into a place where you'll always find what you're looking for.

Garret Stembridge of Extra Space Storage helps individuals and businesses with self storage needs. Extra Space Storage has mini storage locations in over 400 cities, including a Corona self storage facility.

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