Frugal Living Tip: 5 Uses for Coconut Oil

Posted: 04/09/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 04/10/13 9:06 AM)

Jessica shares with us her 5 top ways to use Coconut Oil, check it out below:

For a while I had been reading so many positive things about Coconut Oil. I decided it was time for me to try it!

1. Lotion: I have suffered from Psoriasis on one of my knees since I was 15 years old and prescribed medicated lotions have not given me any relief. I have not worn shorts or skirts since I was a teen because I was too embarrassed. I kept reading Coconut Oil helps relieve the symptoms of Psoriasis. I applied it twice a day for 7 days and it was amazing to see the results!

I'm happy to say I will wear shorts this summer and I am one happy girl!

2. Deep ConditionerCoconut oil is my #1 beauty product! It works great as a deep conditioner too! Just apply it to your clean hair and leave it in overnight. Wash it in the morning and you will feel the difference. I like to do this once every two weeks. Condition those tresses!

3. Cracked Heel Cream: I love to use Coconut Oil all over my feet, put some socks on and leave it overnight. Your feet will be flip flop ready! It's great for elbows too!

4. Facial Cleanser: Coconut Oil is a great face cleanser. Take a dime-sized bit and rub it all over your face. Wipe off with a clean cloth. It will feel greasy then your skin will soak it up and that's when the magic happens. Your face will feel so soft. 

5. Homemade Deodorant: That's right, you can make your own deodorant with coconut oil and just a few other ingredients. Click here to see the MSQ homemade deodorant recipe!

We would love to hear how you like to use Coconut Oil, be sure to post your ideas!

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