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Canning 101: Tools You Need to Start Canning

Posted: 03/20/13 10:00 AM (Modified: 03/20/13 10:00 AM)

Yesterday, Kelly told us why we should start canning and today, she is going to tell us what tools we need to get started. I'm so excited about this as I am a huge advocate for freezer cooking because it saves so much time and money and now, I'm going to start canning too. 

From Kelly:


Did you know canning what you love to eat can be simple, affordable, time saving, and rewarding?  You can even can your favorite veggies, meats, beans, cakes, and more, and then there they are in your pantry for your pleasure!


        I use my Presto 23Qt Pressure Canner & Cooker (yes it has to be a pressure canner)

  1. I purchased mine on the web for less than $100.00 from Wal-mart.com, If you ship to the store, the shipping is free. 
  2. When purchasing your Pressure Canner, make sure it is one with a pressure gauge on top. It is so much easier to learn & monitor when canning.
  3. Learn how to use and care for your Pressure Canner. Read and Re-read your instructions and really get familiar with it. (I always have in my instructions out when canning just to double check that I have not forgot a step)
  4. It is also a good idea to purchase a book on canning.  One of my favorites is the “Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving” by Judi Kingry and Lauren Devine.

        I like to use ½ pint, large mouth pints plus regular & large mouth quart sized jars.

  1. You will choose what is best for your size family.
  2. You can purchase them from your local grocery store.
  3. Also, ask family and friends if they have any used jars they may want to give to you.
  4. Make sure that none of the jars have chips or cracks in them.

    You will need lids and rings.
  1. You can purchase them at most local grocery stores.
  2. If you purchase the mason jars new, they will come with lids and bands.
  3. Always try to keep extra lids on hand.
  4. You will also be reusing your rings. So don’t feel you have to purchase one for every jar. (I store all my canned goods without rings

    I also have a canning utensil kit, which includes a jar lifter, canning funnel and a magnetic wand. These items help make canning so much easier.
  1. The utensil kit can also be purchased in most local grocery stores.

While you do need to make an investment, the pay off is unbelievable when you combine the money saving and the time saving together. Have you started canning? Tell us your experience!

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