Make Your Own Child ID Kit

Posted: 03/14/13 5:00 AM (Modified: 03/14/13 1:41 PM)

In case of an emergency, having a child ID kit is a must-have. Create a kit simply by making a binder with your child's information, download this child ID form and add a picture, fingerprints plus add copies of his/her social security card, shot records, etc on following pages. The great thing about this is that all of their information will be in one place....of course, keep it in a safe place.

In the event something occurs, simply grab your binder and give it to the police or whomever needs the information. I pray that it is never needed but it does make me feel good knowing I have them made and ready to go. Being prepared does not have to cost money, just takes a little time and some organization. 

If you've made one before, let us know what you put inside! 


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