Swagbucks: Earn 70 Points + Enter to Win an Amazon Gift Card

Posted: 06/13/13 2:00 PM (Modified: 06/13/13 2:00 PM)

If you're new to the AMAZING world of Swagbucks well, let me introduce you. You can join Swagbucks completely free and by searching, redeeming coupons and participating in offers, you can earn points that can then be redeemed for gift cards. Let me clarify, we're not talking about hard to earn gift cards. We're talking about an easy and quick earning program that can earn you a TON of FREE gift cards

Hands down, this is one of my favorite programs on the planet. In fact, it is not entirely unreasonable to say that if you sign up for Swagbucks right now, you could easily earn enough gift cards to cover your Christmas gifts this year! That's pretty darn cool if you ask me. 

Want to make it even better? If you sign up (for free) on Swagbucks.com and enter the code MSQ, you'll earn an additional 70 points! WOW! You're already getting 30 points for signing up and completing your profile so that's 100 points total right out of the gate! It takes only 450 Swagbucks to earn a $5 Amazon gift card. Easy peasy! 

Want to win a $50 gift card? All you have to do is click on this Swagbucks.com link to sign up then, if you earn 50-100 Swagbucks between today and the end of June, you'll be automatically entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card! Seriously! 

At the risk of sounding like a total commercial, don't wait to sign up! You could be well on your way to earning serious gift cards! I've earned TONS! Go get your swag on

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Jun 26, 2013 09:48 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Tried the MSG code to get the 50 points and they wouldn't accept it! Any ideas?

Debbie Leslie

Jun 27, 2013 03:54 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

It should work until the end of the month. We will check on it. -Jessica

Jun 28, 2013 08:56 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

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