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Black Friday Online Vs. Cyber Monday

Posted: 11/22/11 4:00 PM (Modified: 11/22/11 4:00 PM)

The great debate has begun, is Cyber Monday better than Black Friday shopping online? Well, here's my take on this...I have been posting deals for a number of years and I have been in store and also online. One year, I was live at Best Buy with a local news station at an insane hour just to catch a glimpse at the madness. 

In my opinion, more and more stores are putting their deals online even on Thanksgiving Day. In the case of Best Buy, they'll start throwing their deals online on Thursday. I love online shopping and since I can combine coupon codes and use cash back websites, I think it is the best way to go. Some stores are better than others however, Target for example, does not put all of their Black Friday deals online so be aware of that. It's a risk but if you're not looking for tons of hardcore deals, you just might benefit from staying home.

{5 Tips for Saving Mega Money on Cyber Monday} Use these for Black Friday online shopping too!

1. Know Your Prices:  If you do not know the regular retail price of your items, you will not recognize a good deal when you see it. In fact, you could be fooled into thinking the Black Friday or Cyber Monday prices are the best prices of the year. Don’t buy into the hype, know the prices for yourself. Use the following websites to find the retail prices of your items and compare those prices online.



2. Combine Savings: Most Cyber Monday deals fall into the category of free shipping. That means, the item might be on sale but the price might not be as great as Black Friday. In order to get the best savings, combine that sale and your free shipping deal with a coupon code. Visit RetailMeNot.com and search for your store. You’ll find coupon and promo codes available that will give you extra savings.

MSQ Tip: Shop around the stores with the best coupon codes. You might find your DVD player is on sale at multiple stores, find the one with the best coupon codes and savings.

3. Earn Cash Back: Cash back websites are huge right now. All you have to do is create a free account with Ebates.com. Then, visit those websites directly and search for the store you are about to shop at online (for example, search for Kohls.com). You will then see available coupon codes and other sales too.  You can click on the store you want to shop at and you’ll automatically earn cash back on every purchase you make. You could earn anywhere from 3%-30% cash back on your purchase. That’s free money!

3. Shop for Free: Sign up for point earning websites like Swagbucks.com or MyPoints.com. Earn points by searching, shopping online or redeeming coupons. These points can then be redeemed for gift cards to places like Amazon.com, Lowes or JcPenney. These sites are amazingly popular and easy to use; you’ll earn free gift cards to use anytime even if you miss those Cyber Monday deals.

4. One-Two Punch: Shop both Cyber Monday and shop Black Friday online too. Black Friday is well known for hot deals and doorbusters both in store and online, many of these will beat out the Cyber Monday deals. However, you might not find everything on Black Friday. If you shop online Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday morning but still have a few people left on your list, hang tight and jump online on Monday. You may score an unexpected deal!

I'll be online dishing out deals on Black Friday! Stick with us and you'll get the best deals!

Sep 19, 2012 02:27 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Thanks; but please send out a new article this 2012 black friday vrs cyber monday. I am feeling extra cheap this year.


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