Get $10 in FREE Money from Tulsa Gold & Gems

Posted: 01/16/13 1:00 PM (Modified: 01/16/13 1:00 PM)

For the first time EVER, Tulsa Gold & Gems (at 91st & Yale) is offering $10 in FREE money if you sell ANY amount of gold and/or silver. That's right, you can take in your broken or unused jewelry, sell it for cash AND when you mention MSQ discreetly at the window, you'll get an extra $10!! NO MINIMUMS! That is HUGE and it's only for Money Saving Queen readers!!

Seriously, who doesn't love free money? Go grab your gold and head to Tulsa Gold & Gems (91st & Yale) for extra cash when you sell your items and get that extra $10 in CASH when you mention MSQ. Remember, you HAVE TO MENTION MSQ (you don't have to yell it, just mention it), this offer is for our Money Saving Queen readers only!

Not sure if you have gold to sell? Check out my post about selling my gold, I did not even think it was real but as it turns out, I was wrong! I walked out with nearly $700! Seriously! Hurry, dig through your old items, grab that broken watch and one lone earring and head out to Tulsa Gold & Gems and don't forget to mention MSQ!

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Tulsa Gold & Gems however, all opinions are my own and I think this deal ROCKS.

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