Check In to Win with Free Mobile App

Posted: 10/07/11 12:00 PM (Modified: 10/10/11 8:13 AM)


I just found out about a brand new FREE app that I'm very excited about and, as Money Saving Queen, I just had to share it with you! It's called Check In to Win and it was just released.

Since you're already out shopping, why not get rewarded for it? The Check In to Win FREE mobile app allows you to win rewards simply by checking in to your favorite retail location. I downloaded the Check In to Win and all the scanning, spinning and winning made grocery shopping fun!


To win - simply check in to your favorite locations, explore the store around you, locate special products, find the combo plays, and win while you shop. Here's what I think... Shopping is hard and winning is fun, so why not reward yourself?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Lunchbox, however, all opinions are my own.

Oct 8, 2011 10:17 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Please note this is an iphone app

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