Mom on the Move: Dawn Moody

Posted: 10/31/11 9:00 AM (Modified: 10/31/11 9:00 AM)

Meet Mom on the Move Dawn Moody. Dawn is a Judge here in Tulsa County and proud mom of two.

Dawn's children, Chase, age 9 and Brynn, 8, think it's pretty cool that their mom is a judge.

"I think they're proud of the work that I do," said Dawn. "However, it can be tough to discipline them at times. Both of their parents argue for a living. So when they start to argue their way out of something, it can make things difficult!"

Dawn and her husband love spending family time with their kids- whether it's curled up on the couch watching movies or at a sporting event.

"Balancing work and family is not always easy, but so worth it. I honestly wouldn't be able to do it without a LOT of help from family and friends," said Dawn.

"Having kids really makes you think about your decisions and actions," said Dawn. "My kids make me strive to be a better person, because I want to model that behavior for them. I love that about parenthood. It's important to us to teach our children the value of a dollar and to appreciate what they have. I want them to respect how hard we work to give them what they have."

Dawn is a Cascia Hall graduate and is thankful for the education and memories that Cascia provided. She's hoping her kids have fond memories of their own time in school.

"I know that without the education I received at Cascia I would not be where I am today," said Dawn. "It paved the way for college and law school. And I have so many good memories of Cascia and the friends that I made in school. Friday night football games were always fun!"

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