5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with Menu Planning

Posted: 03/01/13 6:00 AM (Modified: 03/01/13 6:00 AM)

Want to know how to easily cut your grocery bill in half? Menu plan. Yep, that's it. Strategic planning is all that it takes to save hundreds of dollars a month, literally. Check out the steps below that will rock your socks off when it comes to saving money and feeding your family.

5 Ways to Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half with Menu Planning


1. Plan Around Sales: This one is so simple. Plan your menu around the items in your grocery sales circular. Those items are the most discounted in the entire store so, even without ever using a coupon, you'll be saving 30-50% on your grocery bill. This will keep your menu ever changing as well because one week you'll be having chicken then the next is all about pasta. You'll have a creative menu and savings at the same time.

2. Plan Around Coupons: Well, duh. If you have coupons and can combine those with sales (use our Store Matchups to make it super easy) this will be the best way to save. With the sale and coupon combination, you'll be getting double the savings and again, this will keep your menu creative.

3. Plan Around Your Stockpile: Remember the 14 jars of spaghetti sauce you bought for only .50 each? Well, it's time to put spaghetti on your menu. When you stock up on a good deal, it is important to incorporate those items into your weekly menu. This keeps your deal from going to waste by expiring or by forgetting you actually bought it.

4. Plan Around Frugal Recipes: If you are trying to save money then planning elaborate meals is likely not the best idea. I use MommyHatesCooking.com for frugal recipes, mainly because she is my sister and she'd kill me if I didn't but also because her recipes are very inexpensive to make and yet taste great!

5. Cook It & Freeze It: You can plan out a week's worth of meals or even a month's worth of meals by using the money saving methods above then freezing them for when you need it. Check out the amazing menus on OnceAMonthMom.com. Plan out your menu and take one day to cook your meals, now everything is ready to go AND you're saving money. Instead of running through a drive thru and dropping $20 on unhealthy food (like the fries I just ate), you'll be able to pull out healthy, made-from-scratch meals that you have already prepared.

Seriously, you can save MEGA money with menu planning. I am a not so organized person but when I realized the money saving opportunities, I became a menu plan fanatic. I know what my family will each each day because it's already planned out. This keeps me from making 10 extra trips to the grocery store and buying unnecessary items that will go to waste.

OH and did I mention we have a Menu Plan Monday section on our website? Yep, we post frugal recipes every single week for you to enjoy.

Start planning & start saving!


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